An Incentive Program & Curriculum That Engages Students & Builds The School

Morrison Public Schools and Thermacube have created a unique incentive program and curriculum for students that work on school technology resources.  The Build. program allows students to play a meaningful role in supporting school IT infrastructure in Morrison.  When a faculty member fills out an online technology request our students have the opportunity to earn points for solving the problem.  They can trade these points for technology tools like laptops, network installation tools, electronics tools, and even robotics gear.   Each request made allows a student to earn tools they might not otherwise be able to afford. 

Students in the Build. program work with Thermacube's IT help desk in Stillwater using video conferencing and remote desktop tools on their Android tablets.  Students solve problems under the direction of Thermacube help desk staff until they are ready to solo.  This apprenticeship teaches valuable lessons in customer service and professionalism while broadening their IT skill set.

Version 1.0 of Build. focuses on building infrastructure and student skills within the district.  It's a curriculum that equips students to rapidly find and apply information in a problem solving environment.  This is a critical skill for young people entering the work force or pursuing higher education.  IT becomes the backdrop for critical thinking in a real world hands on environment.  

2011-2012 (Version 1.0)
Build. began during the 2010-2011 school year with 3 students, and it has grown to 7 students during the 2011-2012 school year.  Build. students repair PCs, hang projectors, install networks, and troubleshoot software on a wide variety of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, and Linux.  In their spare time they build 3D printers, fly aerial drones, and hack Wii remotes.    

2013 (Version 2.0)
Version 2.0 rolls out in the Fall of 2013 and adds a significant new web development class.  Students will have the opportunity to learn web development and write code for an open source elearning system that is being used nationally by the University of Oklahoma and child care industry publications.  True to the Build. program's philosophy, this class will help student's learn-by-doing in an environment where assignments are actual challenges posed by real customers in Seattle and Oklahoma.  Students will get real enterprise coding experience on their resume before they graduate High School.  All of the build program classes will be moved to a fully online experience that allows students to participate outside of the normally scheduled class times and locations.  Contact Matt ([email protected]) if you are interested in this class but you need to participate outside of the "officially" scheduled time.  

We are also offering PC repair to residents of the Morrison community starting the Fall of 2013.  The cost of this service is $25 plus the cost of any materials needed to complete the fix.  Contact Matt if you have any questions regarding this service, and we hope that you take advantage of this low cost service.  We look forward to growing this program to benefit both the school and the students that participate.  

* Why the period at the end of Build?  This has to do with one of the curriculum's core messages - avoid distraction!  Participants should think, speak, and act in a manner that Builds things up.  They could be building up their skills, each other, or the school's technology infrastructure (or all three).   However, distraction is the ever present enemy of building anything up.  We are always reminding each other, "Just build! Ignore the distractions!".