Elementary Teachers

Nita Adams [email protected] 5th & 6th Grade
Amber Bales [email protected] 3rd Grade
Teresa Brunnemer [email protected] Pre-Kindergarten
Jenna Bulling [email protected] 5th & 6th Grade
ChristineCawood           [email protected] 4th Grade
Danielle Gerbrecht [email protected] 5th & 6th Grade
Jared Freeman           [email protected]  Assistant Principal
Renate Harshbarger [email protected] MS Special Education/5th Grade
Jennifer Henriksen [email protected] Speech Pathologist
Glory Hoover [email protected] Music
Sharbee Horne [email protected] Counselor
Ashley Kruse           [email protected] 2nd Grade
Susan Lalman [email protected] Elementary PE
Amanda Leigh [email protected] 2nd Grade
Diana Lozier [email protected] 1st Grade
Megan McCorkle [email protected] Title Reading
Bob Nelson [email protected] 5th & 6th Grade
Gretchen Pitts [email protected] Title Math
Sarah Porter [email protected] Elementary Special Education
Sherry Ring           [email protected] 3rd Grade
Sherry Roe                    [email protected] Kindergarten
Rebekah Rupp [email protected] 1st Grade
Tiffany Schlehuber [email protected]  5th & 6th Grade Science
Tim Shade [email protected] Art
Larri Veit [email protected] 4th Grade
Heather Voss         [email protected]           Pre-K
Christy Williams [email protected] Elementary School Principal
 Brandi Womack [email protected] Kindergarten
Middle School
Cory Bales [email protected] Social Studies; Coach
Heather Bear [email protected] MS/Elementary Teacher
Heidi Alley [email protected] Family & Consumer Sciences
Jared Freeman           [email protected]  Assistant Principal
Emily Goff [email protected] Business Education; Yearbook
Nic Hoover           [email protected] High School/MS Principal
Hanna Minson  [email protected] Ag
Debbie Mote           [email protected] MS English
T.J. Partin [email protected] Band and Math of Finance
Susanna Phelps [email protected] World Languages
Tim Shade [email protected] Art
Lawson Thompson [email protected] Ag
Kerri Warriner [email protected] 7th Math, Pre-Algebra
Tammy Will [email protected] Science
Danielle Williams           [email protected] Science
High School
Heidi Alley [email protected] FACS
Cory Bales [email protected] Social Studies; Coach
Sherri Brown           [email protected] HS Special Education
Kari Carr [email protected] Engilsh
Dennis Casey [email protected]  Government; Coach
Riley Duncan [email protected] Math; Coach
Jared Freeman [email protected]  Assistant Principal
Nic Hoover [email protected] High School/MS Principal
Hayden Garringer [email protected] Social Studies; Coach
Emily Goff [email protected] Business Education; Yearbook
Julie Lockwood [email protected] Counselor
Hanna Minson [email protected] Ag
T.J. Partin [email protected] Band and Math of Finance
Hilary Patterson [email protected] Math; Coach
Susanna Phelps [email protected] Spanish & German
Chandler Salinas [email protected] Assistant Coach
Patty Sanders [email protected] English
Tim Shade [email protected] Art
Lawson Thompson [email protected] Ag
Tammy Will [email protected] Science/STEM
Danielle Williams [email protected] Science
Support Staff
Wanda Bales [email protected] Custodian
Michelle Blevins [email protected] Child Nutrition
Del Brinkman [email protected] Maintenance
James Burch [email protected] Maintenance; Bus Driver
Lara Casey [email protected] Custodian
Jennifer Coe [email protected] Paraprofessional

Nancy Fitzpatrick

[email protected] ISS; Bus Driver
Precy Forest [email protected] Child Nutrition
Angela Hetherington [email protected] Paraprofessional
Rebecca Hetherington [email protected] Federal Programs; Admin Assistant
Judy Hill [email protected] Paraprofessional
Donna Kelly [email protected] High School Administrative Assistant
Kristi Kling [email protected] Elementary Administrative Assistant
Susan Leigh [email protected] Custodian
Lindsey Lovekamp [email protected] Paraprofessional
Kim Miller [email protected] Administrative Assistant
Susie Mitchell [email protected] Custodian
Melinda Moorman [email protected] Custodian
April Mosena [email protected] Child Nutrition
Rebekah Nash [email protected] Resource Coordinator
Leve Quinata [email protected] Child Nutrition
Sharon Shouse [email protected] Paraprofessional
Marilyn Williams [email protected] Child Nutrition Supervisor; Bus Driver
Rochelle Young           [email protected] Paraprofessional, Bus Driver