Many textbook publishers do not offer the ability to distribute electronic copies of their books in an unlimited manner, or the ability to remix portions of the book with other content.  Impeding these distribution and collaborative authoring processes retards online instruction.  We are always looking for ways to remove impediments to education.  To that end, we are exploring the use of Open Educational Resources

All of the resources linked here meet the following criteria:

  • They can be loaded onto an unlimited number of devices for an unlimited number of students
  • They can be pulled apart and recombined with teacher or student produced content
  • They can be printed in whole or in part and distributed on paper
  • They can be publicly displayed to an unlimited number of people

CK-12 Resources

CK-12 non-profit group has created an contributed a number of free e-textbooks to the California.  Check out their techer resources by subject area.



The Free High School Science Texts (FHSST) organization is a South African non-profit project, which creates open textbooks on scientific subjects. Textbooks are edited to follow the government's syllabus, and published under a Creative Commons license (CC-by-SA), allowing teachers and students to print them or share them digitally.



Bookboon, is an online book publishing company based in London, United Kingdom. Bookboon originates from Denmark where it was founded in 1988 as Ventus Publishing. Bookboon offers PDF eBooks which can be downloaded for free on the company‚Äôs website. All books are exclusively written for Bookboon by professors and experts within their fields of expertise.[citation needed] Subjects range from travel guides and business to university textbooks.  Check it out



A repository of content that can be combined into e-textbooks.  Check it out



Electronic textbooks at an introductory college level for subjects such as algebra, history, poly sci, etc.  Check it out