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IOWA & OSAGE --Pay $2000 towarrd college.

The NATIVE TRIBUIAL will pay for books and fees for all Native Americans. It will also pay for the ACT.


—Recommended Concurrent Courses

(College Algebra only for students taking Calculas or Physics)


***3 year Elementary Ed degree agreement with NWOSU (ENID CAMPUS)


Juniors can get 9 hours credit tuition waived.

Seniors can get 18 hours credit tuition waived.


NOC uses ACT, Pre-ACT, or Accuplasor Scores for concrrent students.

Students must have a ACT Score of 19. 

Reading 19 for Psycology or Sociology

Math 19 for any College Algebra

Science of 19 for Science Classes

Students can take the Risidual ACT for $18.

Students must sign the FERPA for Parents to be able to see anything.


Students can withdraw up to the week before Finals!!!! This is only NOC!!!


There are tutors availabe through OSU & NOC. You can use




qOklahoma State University



At Oklahoma State University, your students can study concurrently and earn college credits from a Big 12 university.

Students currently enrolled in an accredited high school and interested in earning college credit during their junior and/or senior years of high school, may apply as a concurrent student.

Students must have:

  • Minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA and be in the top 33.3 percent of their class OR
  • At least a 24/1160 ACT or SAT score OR
  • Pre-ACT or Pre-SAT scores of 24/1160

Students now have the option to apply to OSU without consideration of a test score. Students who select this option on the application will be considered for admission based on a full review of their high school transcript. Class rank is not required for test optional admission. This option also applies to home school, private, parochial or other non-public high schools which are not accredited by a recognized accrediting agency. 

We offer a variety of courses for students to get a head start on their college career, some of which may require prerequisites. Please note that there may be additional enrollment requirements on a course-by-course basis. Learn more about the concurrent application steps here

Do you have students interested in taking concurrent classes online? They should explore Cowboy Concurrent

Oklahoma seniors eligible for concurrent enrollment will not incur out-of-pocket costs for course tuition and fees. Eligible seniors receive a tuition waiver from the state and a scholarship from the OSU Foundation to cover fees. There is a one-time application fee required for admission to OSU.

Oklahoma juniors receive a reduced rate of $775 per course to take a Cowboy Concurrent Online course. Out-of-state high school students will pay $300 per credit hour, or $900 for a 3-credit hour course.

Want to learn more about concurrent at OSU? Check out our frequently asked questions page

We look forward to seeing your students soon! Go Pokes!

Redlands Community College

Class schedules (please be sure to check “Spring 2023” under “Advanced Search” to view those courses only) can be found here:


Information for Parents

They have implemented a monthly newsletter that is important for parents.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  This is a great one page informational newsletter for students as well!


Here is the link: