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The Eligibility Center is hosting a separate webinar for your college-bound student-athletes and their families on Wednesday, December 14. Please share this message with your student-athletes and encourage them to attend this important event. 

Looking for international NCAA initial-eligibility information? Click here to learn more.


New! Eligibility Center Account Changes

The three account types now available are:
  1. Free Profile Page Account: This account is best practice as the place to start for most student-athletes, and can be transitioned to a Certification account when needed. For students not sure in which division they want to compete; students registering to play at NCAA-certified basketball events; students younger than ninth grade; or domestic student-athletes who plan to compete at a Division III school, our free Profile Page account is the right choice. This account can be transitioned to either Certification account when needed.
  2. Amateurism-Only Certification Account: For international student-athletes who plan to compete at a Division III school. This account may also be right for domestic student-athletes transferring from a two-year school to an NCAA Division I or II school who have not previously been certified. This account includes a $70 registration fee for all student-athletes. This account can be transitioned to an Academic and Amateurism Certification account if the student-athlete decides on Division I or II instead.
  3. Academic and Amateurism Certification Account: For students wanting to compete at an NCAA Division I or II school, sign a National Letter of Intent, or who are preparing to take an official visit. This account includes a $100 registration fee for domestic students/$160 for international students. (This account type is the same as the old Certification account.)
Please click here to share news regarding the Eligibility Center's account types with your student-athletes via Twitter.

2022-23 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete

Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete
The 2022-23 Guide for the College-Bound Student-Athlete is now available for download! The guide is designed to assist you with understanding the NCAA, NCAA Eligibility Center registration and academic requirements, and how you can help your student-athletes work toward their collegiate dreams.
This booklet is a great resource to share with your student-athletes and their families! The guide is available via the High School Portal for download and on NCAA Publications (download and to purchase printed copies).